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MARCH 15, 1999

Cadillac for Le Mans...

GENERAL MOTORS announced at the Geneva Motor Show that, despite gloomy forecasts for the European car market, the company has decided to expand its sales in Europe and will be entering a two-car Cadillac factory team for the 2000 LeƊMans 24 Hours.

A prototype sportscar is being developed for Cadillac by Riley & Scott in Indianapolis, Indiana. The company has enjoyed considerable success in US sportscar racing in recent years. The cars will be powered by twin-turbo 4-liter Northstar V8 engines. According to Cadillac chief executive John Smith, motorsport is a good promotional tool in the European markets. The Cadillac brand is one of the most prestigious in the car world but the company wants to liven up what has become a rather staid image by taking on the top European marques such as Audi, BMW and Porsche.

It is not the first time that Cadillac will have raced at Le Mans; Briggs Cunningham entered a pair of privately-run cars for the classic French sportscar race in 1950.