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MARCH 8, 1999

...without the invisible Mr. Reynard

BRITISH AMERICAN RACING team principals Craig Pollock and Adrian Reynard have been telling the world for the last year that the new team could win its first Formula 1 Grand Prix. It was, therefore, rather odd that Reynard did not even bother to attend the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne, deciding to concentrate his efforts on the planned flotation of ReynardÊMotorsportÊInc. on the New York Stock Exchange and his planned purchase of transmission company GeminiÊTransmissionsÊLtd.

Reynard's proudest boast has always been that the company's cars have always won the first race in every category they have entered in single-seater racing. It was not the case in Melbourne. Jacques Villeneuve's car lost its rear wing in dramatic fashion and Ricardo Zonta's BAR broke down in the closing stages of the race.

Not surprisingly, Reynard's non-appearance in Australia has led to speculation that there is a split between the team bosses at BAR as a result of the political problems the team is encountering with the FIA and that Reynard is keeping his head down. There may be a more simple explanation: Reynard realized that his cars were not going to be in a position to win the race in Australia and decided that a low profile would minimize the coverage of the company's failure to deliver a victory.