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MARCH 1, 1999

There is more to this than meets the eye

AN interesting advertisement appeared last week in a French motor racing magazine. A "large automobile company" announced that it is recruiting a variety of engine designers and electronics engineers for "a high level sporting activity". The job descriptions published suggest that this is either for Formula 1, a sportscar program or for the World Rally Championship. The only hint given was that the project will be based in the suburbs of Paris.

While the advertisement seems to be aimed at the staff of Renault Sport and Peugeot Sport it is curious that Paris should be chosen as a base - unless it is a French car company involved. The problem with that theory is that there are only two French car companies: Renault and Peugeot-Citroen. There is no reason why Peugeot Sport should advertise anonymously.

And that suggests that Renault Sport is in the process of rebuilding its engineering team...