Australia to aid Indianapolis?

IT is expected that a large delegation from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway will be present at the forthcoming Australian╩Grand╩Prix in Melbourne to see how Formula 1's favorite event is run. And while the principle aim of the American delegation appears to be reconnaissance to see how the Australians operate, we have heard stories in recent days suggesting that Indianapolis may conclude a deal for the Australian Grand Prix Corporation to do consultancy work at Indianapolis.

This would not be an unusual step with various tracks around the work hiring experts to ensure that events are run to the standard demanded by the FIA. Former French Grand Prix promoter Philippe Gurdjian, for example, is currently acting as an advisor to the Malaysian government to ensure that the race in Kuala Lumpur in October is a success.

Indianapolis has already taken the step to learn about the F1 media and has hired former Williams and Arrows PR lady Annie Bradshaw to act in a consultancy role with the Speedway.

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