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FEBRUARY 8, 1999

Oops! Ferrari

THE Ferrari management went hobbling home last weekend after shooting itself squarely in the foot at the first test of the new F399. Although eager to play down the team's aspirations in 1999, much emphasis was placed on the need for some good solid pre-season testing and so it was rather embarrassing when six days after the official launch the prototype F399 lasted only two laps in testing at Fiorano before the rear wing fell off.

The team spent Saturday and Sunday working to solve the problem and intended to start testing again on Monday morning. With Schumacher taking the weekend off it was left to Luca Badoer to work with an old F300.

The F399 is expected to be shaken down at Fiorano and then taken to Mugello for a couple of sessions. The team hopes to take in at least one test in Barcelona as well before the cars have to shipped out to Australia at the end of the month.