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FEBRUARY 1, 1999

Probably just a coincidence...

JOHN BICKFORD is moving to England. This may not mean much to F1 racing fans but it COULD have a profound effect on the future of Formula 1 in the United States. Bickford is vice-president of strategic alliances for ActionÊPerformance, one of motor racing's largest clothing and memorabilia suppliers. His job will be to run the company's two European subsidiaries. Bickford is also the stepfather of NASCAR Champion Jeff Gordon and the man who guided Gordon's career in the early years. The two were inseparable until 1995 when Gordon decided to take control of his own career. He started his own company and hired a business manager, leaving Bickford in the background.

The two are not as close now as they were and Gordon makes all his decisions with his wife Brooke and business manager but he says that if he were struggling with a problem he would not hesitate to call Bickford for advice.

Gordon may even find it useful to have a low-profile contact not far from Bernie Ecclestone in London...