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OCTOBER 26, 1998

Hungary struggling

THE organizers of the Hungarian Grand Prix are clearly in difficulties. Janos Berenyi of Hungaroring Sports, the company which runs the race, last week asked the FIA to accept delayed payment for the $250,000 fine imposed by the WorldÊMotorÊSport Council as a result of a track invasion at the end of the Hungarian Grand Prix in August.

Berenyi said that if the request was rejected the organization would have to borrow the money to pay the fine. This is not very good news because in addition to paying the fine the Hungarians have to produce a plan outlining how a track invasion will be stopped in the future. The only way that this can be guaranteed is if a high fence is built around the 2.46-mile perimeter of the track. This will be very expensive although fortunately for the Hungarians there are no spectators allowed in the center of the circuit which means that fencing will only be needed on the outside.

If the Hungarians are struggling to pay $250,000, finding money for the necessary changes is also going to be difficult. The Hungarian government helped pay for major alterations at the track last year and having to come up with more money - particularly when there are economic problems - may not be possible.