Piero Lardi Ferrari to head CSAI

PIERO LARDI FERRARI, the son of Enzo Ferrari, is to become the new President of the sporting commission of the Automobile Club of Italy. He replaces Alberto Librizzi, who has held the role since the resignation in 1994 of Marco Piccinini. Ferrari became involved with the Ferrari F1 team in the late 1970s and eventually became general manager of the racing team. He quit the team in 1988 after a dispute with his father over which engines the team should use.

Lardi Ferrari inherited much of his father's fortune and still owns 10% of the Ferrari company. He also owns most of the buildings used by Ferrari although he recently sold the Fiorano test track to FIAT, which owns the rest of the Ferrari shares.

Lardi Ferrari's appointment to head the Italian national sporting authority will have little effect at international level as Italy's representative at the FIA will remain Piccinini.

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