Judith's new job

JUDITH GRIGGS - the Australian who many believe is being groomed as a possible future chief executive of Formula 1 Holdings when Bernie Ecclestone decides to retire - is to work for Paddy McNally's Allsport Management in Geneva. The Australian lawyer has been involved in the sport since 1986 when she began doing legal work with the Australian Grand Prix Office in Adelaide. In 1989 Ecclestone asked her to work for FOCA in London and she reorganized Ecclestone's business empire and founded Formula One Promotions and Administration, the forerunner of Formula One Holdings. In 1993 Ecclestone offered her the job of chief executive of the Australian Grand Prix Corporation, a role she fulfilled with great success until after this year's race when she decided to return to London.

The Allsport position means that Griggs will be involved in trackside advertising, merchandising and the Paddock Club corporate hospitality businesses and we expect that these will be reorganized more efficiently under her guidance.

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