Honda's new formula

THE Honda Motor Company is to support a brand new single-seater series in Japan, which is intended to replace the existing Formula Nippon and to be a stepping-stone for Japanese drivers into Formula 1. The series will be run for identical chassis - built by the Dome company - which will use identical three-litre V8 Mugen engines. This should mean that the best drivers win the races, rather than those with the best machinery. The same idea has been adopted with some success by Formula 3000 and in Indy Lights.

The involvement in the project of Dome and Mugen is interesting as both have F1 aspirations in which Honda might have played a part. The supply deals will be very lucrative for both firms and this has led to speculation that the series is being used an incentive to stop Mugen and Dome from trying to be involved with Honda in its planned Formula 1 project.

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