...and technical changes

ALAIN PROST says that he is going to announce a major technical restructuring of his team next month. The announcement comes after rumors linking Alain with both John Barnard and Gary Anderson. We understand that there is a possibility that Prost will employ both engineers with Gary working as technical director and Barnard supplying the team with high technology parts built by his B3 Technologies company in Shalford, Surrey. Both Barnard and Anderson have to sort out contractual problems with their previous employers Arrows and Jordan.

Prost is also hinting that in order to take a short-cut to success he might establish a British offshoot for some years to do composite work for the team. Alain wanted to create a pool of top-level composite engineers in France but has realized that this will take much longer than he had hoped. Establishing a factory in England - or doing a deal with Barnard - will enable him to get the technology immediately while also enabling him to send engineers across to Britain to learn the black arts of carbon composite technology.

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