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JUNE 22, 1998

The FIA on the move...

THE FIA General Assembly met in extraordinary session last week in Stockholm to agree a number of important changes in the organization's structure. As we predicted in April the governing body is planning to move its headquarters from Paris, France to Geneva, Switzerland. The move was agreed in principle by the FIA delegates in Stockholm and marks a step towards a much closer relationship between the FIA and the Alliance Internationale de Tourisme (AIT), the body which represents touring clubs all over the world.

The two organizations already share an office in Brussels, from where they lobby the European Commission on behalf of their members. If the transfer to Switzerland goes ahead the FIA will move into AIT premises in Geneva.

We expect that a full merger between the organizations will not be very long in coming and it would surprising if MaxÊMosley did not bid for the presidency of the combined FIA/AIT. This would be a much more powerful international lobbying force than is currently the case.

A move to Switzerland would also take the FIA out of the jurisdiction of the European Commission with which it is currently in dispute over attacks by the Competition Commissioner over how the sport is run.

The final decision on the FIA move will be taken at the next meeting of the General Assembly in Paris on October 16.