A revolution on the F1 Commission

THE FIA World Motor Sport Council met in Stockholm last week and voted through changes which are the result of the months of wrangling over the new Concorde Agreement. The most important change is the restructuring of the Formula 1 Commission, the body which makes all the important decisions about Grand Prix racing. This committee puts forward recommendations for rule changes to the World Council. It can only accept or reject the proposals and cannot make or modify regulations on its own.

The F1 Commission previously consisted of the FIA President, the F1 Commercial Rights Holder Bernie Ecclestone and representatives from six teams, four race promoters and two sponsors. The new Commission has 26 members with representatives from 12 teams (there are currently only 11 in operation) and eight race promoters (four from Europe and four from the rest of the world). There will still be two sponsors represented but there will also be representatives from a tire company and an engine supplier. In order for a motion to be carried two-thirds of the Commission must support it (18 votes). It remains to be seen whether this expanded Commission will be as effective as the smaller version.

In terms of power, the teams and promoters are in a slightly stronger position than previously, while the FIA and the sponsors have effectively lost half their votes.

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