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MAY 11, 1998

Honda and Dallara

THERE have been many rumors in Europe in recent days suggesting that a deal is being discussed between the HondaÊMotorÊCompany and Dallara for the supply of Formula 1 chassis in the future. Our investigations have revealed that there are talks between the two companies but that it is not a long-term project. Rather it is a way in which Honda can get on with its own engine testing program in Europe without having to set up its own car production facility.

Honda is expected to set up its own F1 factory in Britain but in order to cut a few corners it will run a Dallara-Honda prototype in the interim. The car could be up and running as early as the start of next year in preparation for the Honda assault on F1 in the year 2000. Dallara has not been involved in Formula 1 racing for some years, since the collapse of its ScuderiaÊItalia deal in 1991 but the firm does have F1 experience and the industrial capacity to produce chassis very quickly.

Honda is expected to hire a number of European chassis engineers to help out the F1 program with Harvey Postlethwaite believed to be top of Honda's shopping list at the moment.