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APRIL 20, 1998

Jordan to be major BAR target

THE Jordan Grand Prix team is expected to be one of the most fruitful sources of experienced Formula 1 personnel for the new British American Racing team. Jordan is located just a few miles from the BAR headquarters, which are currently being built in Brackley, which means that anyone joining the team will not have to think about relocating their families. Jordan is also the highest-ranked F1 team to be obviously struggling and that means that there is an element of disaffection within the team which makes it easier for recruiting.

Since last summer the team has already lost race engineer Andrew Green and marketing man Paul Jordan to BAR and we expect others to follow in the months ahead.

Although BAR said that it received thousands of applications for the engineering jobs on offer, there has been little evidence so far of much movement from the established the teams although we may see more activity at the end of April and at the end of May.