Ecclestone is sixth richest Briton

BERNIE ECCLESTONE is the sixth wealthiest man in Great Britain with a fortune estimated to be worth $2.4bn by The Sunday Times newspaper in its annual survey of the country's wealthiest people. Ecclestone is the only motor racing person to make it into the list of 16 British (Sterling) billionaires. Ecclestone is up from 58th on the list last year.

One man who may become involved in the sport is Joe Lewis, the boss of ENIC, who is Britain's fourth wealthiest man with a fortune of $2.8bn.

Other motor racing people on the list are Jordan Grand Prix sponsor Brian de Zille (of GdZ) who is worth $224m, former Grand Prix driver Johnny Dumfries (now the Marquis of Bute) who is worth $208m, Arrows team owner Tom Walkinshaw ($136m), Frank Williams ($136m) and Donington Park's owner Tom Wheatcroft ($96m). McLaren's Ron Dennis, who was on the list last year, has (officially) dropped out of the top 1000 richest people in Britain.

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