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MARCH 2, 1998

French GP edges ever closer

THE French Grand Prix is expected to return to the Formula 1 calendar later this week following the passage through the French Senate and National Assembly of a new law concerning the televising of sport in France. Migaud's Law - named after deputy Didier Migaud who proposed it - still has to be signed by the Ministers involved before it can come into force.

The French love of bureaucracy means that even after it becomes law there are steps which have to be taken before the race can be reinstated in the calendar with certain clauses of the law insisting that the French motor sport federation (the FFSA) must have agreement with the ministers and the national TV federation for its deal with the TV station TF1.

The text of the agreements was sent to the national TV federation last Wednesday and is expected to be cleared in the middle of this week. It must then go to the Ministry of Youth and Sport for acceptance. Once all this has been completed the way will finally be open for the FFSA to ask the FIA to reinstate the race.

In other words we should have a French GP back on the calendar by the end of the week, meaning that Formula 1 will finally have 16 solid fixtures for the 1998 season. It remains to be seen whether the French GP will be given its traditional slot in the calendar with the option being to hold the race in mid-October.