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FEBRUARY 23, 1998

...leaving Harvey in charge

THE resignation of Ken and Bob Tyrrell from the Tyrrell Racing Organization leaves Dr. Harvey Postlethwaite in charge of the entire team - of which he was a 10% shareholder. Harvey has been Technical Director but will now assume the responsibility of Managing-Director as well.

The other major players in the team remain unchanged for the moment with Mike Gascoyne continuing as Deputy Technical Director; Rupert Manwaring as Commercial Director; George Koopman as Financial Director and Steve Nielsen as team manager. Satoru Nakajima's role in the team - officially he was Sporting Director - remains unclear at the moment although he is involved through his links with Takagi and with the PIAA sponsorship.

It remains to be seen whether there will be more changes in the months ahead but F1 observers are expecting a lot of engineers to depart in the course of the Spring so that they can be properly integrated into their new teams before the design process begins for the new 1999 cars. Gascoyne is obviously going to be a target for rival teams as BAR is unlikely to offer him the same kind of role as he currently enjoys at Tyrrell. Rumors suggest that his most likely destination is Jordan.

BAR is hoping to employ most of the Tyrrell production staff but many of them may decide not to make the move to Brackley.