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JANUARY 26, 1998

Bernie to tell all?

WE hear from book publishing circles in London that Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone has recently concluded a deal with a major British publisher to write a book about his life. The deal was cemented after Ecclestone achieved nationwide fame last December when it was revealed that he had donated $1.6m to the British Labour Party in the run-up to the GeneralÊElection last Spring.

This came to light when the Labour Government announced that it was not going to support a Pan-European ban on tobacco advertising.

The book is being researched and ghost-written this year by British journalist Terry Lovell, who has no connection with Formula 1 and it is expected to be published to coincide with the 1999 British Grand Prix. The book is likely to tell some interesting inside stories about the modern Grand Prix world while also revealing a little more about Ecclestone's fascinating past as a second-hand car dealer and property trader.