Super Nova planning for Formula 1

THE Super Nova Formula 3000 team is in the middle of an in-depth feasibility study to establish how it can put together the necessary financial and technical resources to enter Grand Prix racing at some point in the future. There is no definitive deadline for the team to enter Grand Prix racing although there is a danger that the team will lose some of its motivation and people if winning in Formula 3000 becomes habitual. The team has won 12 of the last 28 Formula 3000 races with Vincenzo Sospiri winning the 1995 title and Ricardo Zonta winning this year's championship.

The Nova Group, which runs language schools in Japan, has been involved in motor racing since 1991. After three successful years in Japanese Formula 3 Nozumu Saruhashi's team set up the European Formula 3000 operation at Griston - near Snetterton - in Norfolk, in association with former racing driver David Sears, who is managing-director of Super Nova Racing.

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