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OCTOBER 6, 1997

Meanwhile in court...

FRANK WILLIAMS, Patrick Head, Adrian Newey and David Coulthard last week missed their appearances in court at Imola - because there were no hotel rooms available in the entire Bologna region because of a huge ceramics trade fair takingÊplace.

The four were due to give evidence on Friday but had advised the court that there was no accommodation available. The judge appears to have overlooked this as the court gathered as usual. The non-appearance of Williams, Head and Newey thus gave a bad impression - when the three were willing to attend and give evidence but unable to find anywhere to stay.

The problem means that the case has had to be adjourned once again and it will resume on Tuesday, October 28, when David Coulthard - the Williams test driver in 1994 - will give his evidence which is likely to be largely related to the behavior of the steering wheel in the Williams-Renault FW16. The prosecution is claiming that Ayrton Senna was killed as a result of a steering failure and that Williams, Head and Newey should be found guilty of involuntary homicide as a result.

The three are now scheduled to give evidence on October 29.