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OCTOBER 6, 1997

Elections in Paris

THERE is an FIA Congress this week in Paris with meetings of World Councils - Motor Sport and Touring and the annual General Assembly. This year there are to be elections for the FIA officers, their four-year mandate now coming to a close. FIA President Max Mosley is expected to be re-elected unopposed for another four-year term by the delegates of the 144 member clubs from 113 countries. We expect there to be two new Deputy Presidents, although Portugal's Cesar Torres may be re-elected Deputy President (Sport).

There is also likely to be a replacement President of the FIA Senate, a job which to date has been held by Jean-MarieƊBalestre. This role may be given to Torres.

In a curious piece of timing, the World Motor Sports Council meets before the General Assembly, which means that all the sporting decisions will be made by the outgoing Council.

The General Assembly will decide on the new membership of the FIA Committee (which is divided between the World Motor Sports Council and the World Council of Tourism and the Automobile).

This is currently dominated by Europeans with 20 of the 38 elected members coming from European countries (Austria, Belgium x 2, Bulgaria, Finland, France x 2, Germany x 3, Great Britain x 2, Greece, Italy x 2, Monaco, Poland, Rumania, Spain and Sweden). There are six South Americans (Argentina x 2, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico and Venezuela); five Asians (China, India, Japan x 2 and the Philippines); two delegates from Australasia (Australia and New Zealand); two from the Middle East (Jordan and United Arab Emirates) and two Africans (Kenya and Tunisia). There is only one North American representative (The United States).

Logic would dictate that there be a slight change in the balance of power with at least one more US delegate plus representation for Brazil, Canada, South Africa, Malaysia, Indonesia and Russia.