Maserati mutterings

WE hear that Maserati is planning to return to high profile motor racing. The program will be part of a revival program for the once-famous company which was bought by Fiat in May 1993 but two months ago came under the control of Ferrari boss Luca di Montezemolo. Maserati was last involved in motor sport in an official capacity in 1987 when it ran a disastrous team in the World Touring Car Championship. There were rumors in mid-1988 that the company was looking at an F1 engine design.

History would suggest that the best place for Maserati to maximize the power of its image would be an involvement in Grand Prix racing but in the recent past Fiat has been careful not to compete with itself: Ferrari has been involved in F1, Lancia in rallying and Alfa Romeo in touring car racing. The logical slot left open for Maserati would, therefore, be in sportscar racing. But you never know...

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