Tyrrell's windtunnel plans

THE Tyrrell team's plan to build its own half-scale rolling-road windtunnel is to be unveiled later this week, as part of the team's Racing Towards the Millennium program. Contrary to first reports this will not be at Tyrrell's base in Ockham but will be in the genteel seaside resort town of Bournemouth on England's south coast where Tyrrell sponsor European Aviation is based at the grandly-named Bournemouth International Airport.

The plan is for the windtunnel to be built in a hangar at the airfield, as a joint venture between Tyrrell and European Aviation which has been with the team since April this year when it was signed as the team's Official Airline. This summer Tyrrell personnel are being flown to all 11 Grands Prix in European Aviation's fleet of small 50-seater jets.

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