A provisional calendar

A provisional Formula 1 calendar for the 1998 season was doing the rounds in the paddock at Monza. It is not radically different to this year's schedule, except that there are to be 18 races - if they all go ahead as planned. The races on the schedule we saw are: Australia, Brazil, Argentina, San Marino, Monaco, Spain, Canada, France, Britain, Germany, Hungary, Belgium, Italy, Austria, Luxembourg, Portugal, Japan and either Korea or Malaysia. As Malaysia has already said that it will not be ready for next autumn, the final date is expected to be in Korea where work is underway at Sepoong, near Kunsan, to the south of Seoul.

South Africa is bidding for a race in March and the International Olympic Committee's decision to award the 2004 Olympic Games to Athens in Greece may work in South Africa's favor.

The Kyalami circuit already has an up-to-date Formula 1 circuit license but the Automobile Association of South Africa has been unable to raise the money necessary to fund a race. With Cape Town failing in its bid to get the Olympics, the South African government may look to F1 as a way of the country hosting a major sporting event.

We understand that the AASA will make a presentation to the government within the next few days asking for the race to be underwritten by the government. The intention is for a race to take place in mid-March.

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