Alain finds another new factory

AS expected the recent change of government in France has had a serious effect on Alain Prost's plans to use his political connections to help build up his Grand Prix team. Prost - a supporter of the republicans - has had some difficulties with the Socialist government since the election at the start of June and we understand that he has now abandoned all his plans to take over a government-owned facility at Satory, near Versailles.

Prost wants to stay in the same area, however, as the local mayor is a republican and is willing to help the team out with subsidies. As a result we understand that a new site has been found on the other side of Versailles, close to a town called St.ÊQuentin-en-Yvelines. This will have all the same advantages as the Satory site but will be privately-funded and so Alain will not have to worry about political interference. The plan remains for the team to move in February next year with the long-term aim of building a windtunnel next to the factory.

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