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AUGUST 11, 1997

Goodbye Cal

CAL LINT, the manager of Goodyear's international racing department since the start of 1993 is to leave Formula 1 after the Belgian Grand Prix. Lint is responsible for overseeing all Goodyear activity in F1 including supplying all the teams and developing new tires in cooperation with Goodyear's contracted teams.

Cal is to become head of a new division of the Goodyear Racing Department, taking charge of all non-F1 racing tire sales around the world. Goodyear is hoping to exploit the potential of tire sales at grassroots level all around the world as part of its program of international expansion.

It has yet to be announced who will replace Lint in F1. It is worth noting that if a Goodyear car wins the Belgian Grand Prix Lint will have a 100 per cent record of success during his time in charge of the F1 program.