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AUGUST 11, 1997

Ford wants East Coast American Grand Prix

FORD'S head of automotive operations Jac Nasser revealed in Budapest that he believes it is essential that Formula 1 establishes itself in the United States of America if it wishes to portray itself as a global sport. Nasser said that Ford would "probably" be willing to invest in a project to establish F1 in America and would prefer to be involved at a permanent racing circuit on the East Coast - the area which would best suit Ford's marketing aims in the North America and the company's concept of where F1 cars should be seen in action. Nasser met with Bernie Ecclestone but refused to discuss what the conversations had been about.

It is perhaps worth noting that the racing circuit which best fits Nasser's description of the best venue is Road Atlanta in Georgia, which is owned by Donald Panoz. He has already said he is interested in running a United States GP and is closely involved with Ford as his Panoz sportscars are powered by Ford engines and sold through Ford dealerships.

Nasser said that Ford would like to see China and India added to the F1 calendar in the future.