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AUGUST 11, 1997

Jacky E on the move?

JACKY EECKELAERT, Peugeot Sport's F1 Project Coordinator, is a man in demand at the moment. The Belgian is very unusual in F1 in that he is involved in both chassis and motor engineering and has built up considerable experience ironing out the problems between the Jordan chassis and the Peugeot engine. More experienced F1 engineers such as Bernard Dudot and John Barnard have developed similar skills over the years but they are involved elsewhere.

We hear that Eddie Jordan is interested in holding on to Eeckelaert so as to use his particular skills when Jordan begins its relationship with Honda. We have also heard suggestions that Prost wants Ecckelaert to join him to work alongside Dudot, Prost understanding the need to have engineers who have the ability to understand both engines and chassis.

Eeckelaert himself refuses to be drawn on his plans for the future.