...but should get customer Ford V10s

AS F1 engine supplies for 1998 and beyond begin to become clearer, the future of Tyrrell appears to be as a customer of the Ford Motor Company. Ford has been considering whether or not to supply a second team with its V10 engines. Jackie Stewart has argued that it is a much better idea for Ford to concentrate all its efforts on one team rather than dilute the program and this appears to have been accepted in Detroit, despite considerable lobbying from Tom Walkinshaw - who is looking for an engine to replace the less-than-competitive Yamaha V10. Tom's influence at Ford does not seem to have been enough to sway the decision makers.

Tyrrell, however, looks as though it will end up using the Ford V10s which are currently being run by Stewart, while Jackie's team will get an all-new V10. This will not affect the Stewart program and will keep Cosworth happy as Tyrrell will have to pay for his engines.

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