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JUNE 9, 1997

Hill on the Senna crash

DAMON HILL was in court in Imola last week, giving evidence at the Ayrton Senna trial. Damon, who was Senna's Williams team mate at the time, supported the team's assertion that the accident was not caused by steering failure but rather because of oversteer and the bumps in Tamburello Corner.

"The car seems to oversteer when it crosses the place on the circuit where there are some marks," Hill indicated. "The steering wheel is exactly the way that I would expect to see to correct oversteer."

Hill said that he reached this conclusion a few days after the accident when he watched the in-car footage of the accident with Williams engineers at the team factory in Didcot.

"I came away from that meeting with the opinion that there must have been some other reason for the accident other than the obvious one that there had been a failure in the steering," he said.