Morbidelli in for Larini

SAUBER has dumped Italian Nicola Larini in favor of Gianni Morbidelli. Larini will take over Morbidelli's role as Ferrari test driver - a job he held before being signed by Sauber. Morbidelli was Sauber's first choice as a driver this winter but Ferrari - which supplies the engine which Sauber badges as the "Sauber Petronas V10" - asked the Swiss to take Larini as part of the package.

Nicola finished sixth in Australia but has been rather disappointing since, unable to match the pace of Johnny Herbert. When Larini made some less than favorable comments about Sauber in the Italian press the team took the opportunity to edge him out and get Morbidelli instead.

Morbidelli has not raced in F1 since he finished third for Arrows at the 1995 Australian Grand Prix. He was the Jordan-Peugeot test driver last year.

The switch was made with the agreement of Ferrari.

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