Unrest at Jordan

RALF SCHUMACHER may have celebrated Jordan's 100th Grand Prix with third place in Buenos Aires - in only the young German's third Grand Prix - but there was little rejoicing in the Jordan garage as on his way to the podium Ralf had collided with his team mate Giancarlo Fisichella and put the Italian out of the race, thus depriving Jordan of the chance to score more points in the Constructors' Championship.

Fisichella was extremely angry after the incident.

"Everyone saw what happened," he said. "Ralf has apologized to me which implies he is admitting that it was his mistake but I am very angry."

Members of the Jordan team admitted after the race that they were deeply disappointed - despite the fact that this is only the second time that Jordan drivers have been on a podium - because Schumacher could have won the race without the incident.

Jordan is desperate to score a win in the next few weeks as Peugeot is due to make a decision as to whether it will supply the team with engines next year.

Alain Prost, who gets the Peugeot engines next year, is not very keen for Peugeot to supply two teams but a Jordan victory would make it very difficult for Peugeot to leave Jordan in the lurch.

If the Peugeot deal does not come off, Jordan's management is hoping to land the Mugen Honda engine deal, although this is not thought to be very likely and Jordan may find itself as a Ford customer once again.

In Buenos Aires there were also a number of rumors floating about suggesting that the team's designer Gary Anderson has been approached by Williams to join Patrick Head's design team at Grove. Anderson says he has an agreement with Jordan until the end of 1998.

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