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MARCH 24, 1997

And what about Toyota?

BACK in November last year reports from Japan suggested that Toyota was planning to enter F1 as an engine supplier. Nothing has been heard since but the idea still makes a great deal of sense, particularly when one considers the company's plans for global expansion under Hiroshi Okuda, who became Toyota president in the autumn of 1995.

Toyota's sales in America are booming and the company is building four new plants in the United States to meet the demand. As part of that expansion Toyota is pushing into Indycar racing.

Last week in Europe there were rumors that Toyota is planning to build a huge new car factory in northern France to spearhead its assault on the European market when current restrictions lapse in the year 2000. There are also plans to build a factory in Brazil, a market where F1 is an important force in car sales.

Things may have gone quiet for the moment but the arrival of Toyota in F1 is still very likely to happen...