Another team out there?

THERE are whispers in the F1 paddock that there are plans for a big new Formula 1 team within the next couple of years. The problem is that no-one seems to know who might be involved. One name which keeps cropping up at the moment is Adrian Reynard and the suggestion he may be looking again at F1 is backed up by the fact that Reynard and Rick Gorne, managing-director of Reynard Racing Cars were spotted in Paris late last year having discussions with Alain Prost. Our sources indicate that Prost will definitely be involved with John Barnard, which does not leave any room for Reynard in the Prost-Peugeot program.

There is no doubt that Reynard would be interested in F1 if the right deal came along. Adrian has always said that he will not enter any championship unless he thinks his cars will be in a position to win the first race in which they compete. In F1 this would mean that a deal would be needed with a major manufacturer. Reynard's links with Chrysler have been mentioned and there is no doubt that Chrysler would almost certainly benefit from an F1 program as the company pushes ahead with its global expansion plans.

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