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MARCH 3, 1997

Hockenheim upgrades safety

HOCKENHEIM, one of the fastest Grand Prix track these days with an average lap speed of around 140mph, is to improve its safety measures. The circuit - which consists of long fast curves through a dense pine forest contrasting with a twisty section of road through a rowdy stadium area - has lacked run-off at the three chicanes out in the forests but work has been opposed by Germany's powerful environmentalist lobby, who object to trees being cut down.

On this occasion there has been a compromise with environmentalists agreeing that the work can be done and the circuit agreeing to plant trees to replace those which have to be removed. This should make the track a great deal safer as cars previously had very little space in the chicanes in which to go off without hitting the barriers.

There will also be a new access road through the forests at the back of the track to enable emergency vehicles to have better access than was previously the case.