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FEBRUARY 3, 1997

Jordan blocking Ligier sale

EDDIE JORDAN has stalled Alain Prost's arrival in Formula 1 as a team owner - because he doesn't want to lose his Peugeot engine supply in 1998. Jordan and Peugeot are just beginning the third year of a three year deal and there is no question that Peugeot top management are not happy with the results achieved by the team to date. Peugeot and Prost have been talking openly about joining forces to establish a French-dominated team for 1998 and beyond.

Peugeot is insisting, however, that when Prost buys the Ligier team from Flavio Briatore that the Ligier name be dropped and the team renamed after Prost. In order for this to happen all the F1 team bosses must agree to the change. Everyone but Jordan is happy to accept the change. Until Eddie agrees Prost's plans are blocked.

Jordan says he wants to show Peugeot that this year's car is a winner before the French motor manufacturer decides what to do in the future.