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DECEMBER 16, 1996

Ford's new motorsport boss

THE Ford Motor Company has just appointed a new Director of Special Vehicle Operations and he made his first European appearance at the launch of Stewart Grand Prix. Bruce Cameron has been with Ford since 1966 in a variety of engineering roles, including as chief engineer on passenger cars. Although he has not been involved in Ford's racing activities in the past he raced himself in the early 1970s, buying an old F2 car from Frank Williams in 1972 to use in Formula Vee. He later took part in autocross events and in Formula Atlantic.

Cameron replaces Dan Rivard who has been Director of SVO since he was brought out of retirement in October 1993 to replace Michael Kranefuss. It was intended that he would remain only one year in the job but he stayed for three. Rivard is retiring again.

As Director of SVO Cameron will be in overall charge of all Ford's sporting programs worldwide.