FIA to reconsider testing restrictions

THE FIA World Council will meet at Monte Carlo on December 6 to discuss the latest modifications to the Formula 1 sporting regulations - and we hear that the teams which have signed the 1997-2001 Concorde Agreement are pushing for the new rules restricting testing to be modified.

A rule introduced by the FIA in October restricts private testing to circuits which are approved for F1. This would mean that many tracks which are currently used for testing would not be acceptable and teams would be restricted in their choices. Some of the British teams are complaining that the rule is unfair because bad weather often means they cannot test effectively in England in the winter. They are campaigning for a rule which would let them test at four designated circuits across Europe which they could use at any time.

The proposals have to be considered by the FIA Formula 1 Commission which is expected to meet just before the World Council.

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