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NOVEMBER 11, 1996

Sauber to complete engine jigsaw

THE Red Bull Sauber team will soon confirm that it is planning to use customer Ford ED4 V8 engines next year, thus putting the last piece into the jigsaw puzzle of Formula 1 engine supply in 1997.

The Swiss are also expected to reveal plans to build and begin testing a Malaysian-funded V10 engine in the course of the season. The new Lola F1 operation will also run customer Ford ED4s while doing development work on its own brand new V10 engine. This is expected to be rather different to other engines as its designer Al Melling has radical ideas about injection systems. The third Ford ED4 customer team will be Tyrrell.

The full engine line-up for 1997 is: TWR Arrows (Yamaha V10), Williams and Benetton (Renault V10), Ferrari (FerrariÊV10), McLaren (Mercedes V10), Jordan (Peugeot V10), Ligier (Mugen Honda V10), Sauber, Tyrrell and Lola (Ford V8), MinardiÊ(HartÊV8) and Stewart (Ford V10).