Martin tries rallying

MARTIN BRUNDLE - who hopes to remain in F1 next year with Jordan - is to try his hand at rallying at the end of November, driving a Ford Escort Cosworth in Britain's RAC Rally.

The 38-year-old will be partnered by former British Champion co-driver Roger Freeman. Martin has shown himself to be a very useful rally driver on occasion in the past - usually in celebrity competitions between racers and rallymen. In fact he began his competition career at the age of 13 racing on grass tracks. He later switched to saloon cars - often in Tom╩Walkinshaw-prepared machinery - before switching to single-seater racing.

In July Brundle swapped his F1 Jordan-Peugeot for a Subaru World Rally Championship car while Subaru driver Colin╩McRae tried out the Jordan. Both enjoyed the experience and it is this which appears to have led Ford to offer Martin a car for the RAC.

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