...but says yes to customer V8s

FORD has finally decided to go ahead with a customer V8 engine program for 1997 and a team of engineers is now pushing ahead with development of what will be called the ED3 engine.

"We have assembled another Formula 1 engine development team - separate from the V10 program - to concentrate exclusively on the V8," commented Cosworth racing's new boss Brian Dickie. "The team, which includes both experienced race engineers and talented young engineers with high potential, has already reaped tremendous results.

The ED3 is the latest version of the HB engine - which has been the workhorse of Cosworth since it replaced the DFR in 1989. It was renamed ED when the F1 regulations switched from 3.5-liters to 3-liters in 1995. The new version of the engine has been modified considerably and tests on the dyno and the track show much better horsepower and improved engine response.

The engine will help to allay fears among F1 bosses that there would not be enough engines to go around all the teams in 1997 - whether they will be competitive is another matter...

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