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OCTOBER 7, 1996

Judd on the market?

WITH Yamaha and Tyrrell having decided not to renew their contracts for 1997, and Yamaha tipped to be entering into a new relationship with Tom Walkinshaw's Arrows operation, it seems likely that the development contract between Yamaha and John Judd's Engine Developments company in Rugby will also be coming to an end.

Walkinshaw has his own in-house engine department and also has plenty of workshop space available at Kidlington and in the old Arrows factory in Milton Keynes to set up an F1 engine department if he chooses to do so.

This will mean that John Judd will become available once again as an independent F1 engine builder. It is probably too late for Judd to do his own engines next year but he will probably be looking for business in 1998.

Engine Developments is co-owned by Judd and former Formula 1 World Champion Sir Jack Brabham.