Brack quits Arrows

SWEDISH driver Kenny Brack has quit his role as TWR Arrows test driver. Brack's backers led by Lennart Nordby have decided that Kenny is not getting the necessary testing to enable him to be ready to race in F1 next year.

Brack was a strong candidate for a drive with TWR Arrows next year and has serious financial backing from Volvo subsidiary BIMA, clothing company H&M and mobile phone company Ericsson.

Brack had been scheduled to take part in 15 days of testing with Arrows but to date has done only two. In part this is because his boss in Formula 3000 David Sears did not want Kenny spending too much time testing in F1 because it would have an effect on his F3000 title challenge.

Brack's departure must also put into serious doubt any hopes Walkinshaw might have had of Volvo paying for his planned F1 engine.

Brack is hoping to get into F1 next year and will now be looking for another team with which to begin testing.

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