Benetton signs with Goodyear

FOLLOWING in the footsteps of all the major F1 teams, Benetton has just concluded a deal to run Goodyear tires next year. Benetton joins Williams, Ferrari, McLaren, Jordan and Sauber as Goodyear's chosen teams.

The only team which is known to have signed with Bridgestone is Tom Walkinshaw's Arrows operation which is doing all the development work on the tires at the moment. There are rumors that the new Stewart Grand Prix has also concluded a deal to run Bridgestones, while Tyrrell, Ligier, Minardi and Forti are currently without tire deals.

Goodyear is unlikely to supply more than its chosen six teams as Bridgestone is obliged to supply 40% of the F1 field if called upon to do so. Forcing Bridgestone to take on four or more teams will certainly make life more difficult for the Japanese tiremaker.

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