F1 discusses treaded tires

ABSURD though it may sound, the Formula 1 team bosses are discussing the introduction of treaded tires, because drivers are worried about safety issues involved in the kind of rapid development seen during F1 tire wars. The FIA recently reached an agreement with the teams which included the governing body's right to change the regulations to decrease cornering speeds if development became too intense. FIA president Max Mosley advocated smaller "contact patches" between the tires and the road and even the possible use of treaded tires if speeds get out of hand.

The tire companies have shown no interest in having to build smaller tires - and having to retool to do it - and it now seems that Mosley is trying to force the issue by threatening to introduce treaded tires.

This is a ridiculous idea and one which would be impossible to police because every tire from every car would have to be measured to ensure that treads were sufficiently deep after the tire had been used.

The threat of treaded tires appears to be nothing more than a political lever designed to force the tire companies to accept that they must build smaller tires.

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