Disney - more evidence

IT may be a coincidence but last week the ABC Television Network launched a campaign designed to win back ratings and take ABC back to the top in the network war.

ABC, which is owned by the Walt Disney Company, is planning a series of promotions for the coming autumn, including what it promises will be exciting new programming. The scheme involves some interesting cross-marketing partnerships with companies including McDonald's (Disney recently signed a 10-year promotional contract with the fast-food chain), General Motors and Walt Disney World.

The McDonald's campaign will promote both the 25th anniversary of Disney World and ABC's new season. This will coincide with the General Motors campaign in which ABC will give away a 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix every night.

It is interesting that ABC should have chosen such a model as its prize, although this would tie-in with an announcement of a Formula 1 Grand Prix at Walt Disney World, sponsored by McDonald's and televised by ABC...

It is worth noting that last October F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone did not go to the Pacific GP, choosing to visit the McDonald's Corporation instead.

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