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MAY 20, 1996

But watch out for Disney

WE believe that the Walt Disney Company will make a major announcement about hosting a Formula 1 Grand Prix at Walt Disney World, in Florida, on October 1 of this year.

This is the 25th anniversary of the opening of the Florida facility and there will be considerable international media interest focused on Disney, which would guarantee greater exposure for an F1 announcement.

Our sources suggest that the track will be built on land adjacent to the Disney All Star Sports Resort, which will mean that there will be 3,800 hotel rooms within easy walking distance of the circuit. We hear that the new racing facility will have both a road course and an oval, which will be used by the Indy Racing League.

We also hear intriguing rumors that Disney is very keen to organize a race at EuroDisney, outside Paris, although it remains to be seen how this could be fitted into the F1 European calendar.