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MAY 13, 1996

Imola in trouble again

NOT only is Imola facing the possibility of legal action from the Italian authorities over the death of Ayrton Senna at the track in 1994, but it is now in trouble with the FIA as well following the post-race track invasion at the recent SanÊMarinoÊGrand Prix.

Representatives of SAGIS - the Societa Allestimento Gestione Impiante e Servizi SpA - which runs the track have been asked to appear before the FIA World Motor Sport Council at its next meeting in Paris on June 11.

There have been a number of track invasions by excited fans in recent years. Monza has had to erect high fences to stop the tifosi spilling onto the track at the end of the Italian GP every year, and Silverstone decided to restrict entry and put up fences after the crowd invasion following Nigel Mansell's victory in 1992. Last year the organizers of the Canadian GP were lucky to escape without sanction following the track invasion at the end of the race.

After that hearing the World Council issued a general warning to all F1 organizers that track invasions will be regarded with "the utmost gravity" and threatened "serious penalties" in the future.