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MAY 6, 1996

Senna Inquiry - the wait goes on

TWO years have passed since the death on May 1, 1994 at Imola of Brazilian Ayrton Senna, and there has still been no official word from Italian investigators as to what they think caused the accident and what action should be taken as a result.

The 600-page technical report into the accident was finished in December by Professor Enrico Lorenzini, head of the engineering faculty of Bologna University. He had used three groups of technical experts which included former F1 designer Mauro Forghieri and former F1 driver Emanuele Pirro - who worked as McLaren's test driver when Senna drove for the team in 1988 and 1989.

This has been under the consideration of magistrate Maurizio Passarini ever since. Passarini has to decide whether or not the report warrants legal action, and if it does, he must then ask the Italian judiciary to press charges.

There are very important political considerations to be taken into account as a verdict against Williams could result in international motor racing refusing to visit Italy, but at the same time the Italian judiciary does want to be seen to back down if they believe there is a case against Williams and the race organizers.

Passarini's decision could also have a major effect on the San Marino GP. The event is promoted by the Automobile Club of Bologna (ACB) and its subsidiary company the Societa Allestimento Gestione Impiante e Servizi SpA (SAGIS) - which rents the Imola circuit from the local authorities and runs the track for the ACB. SAGIS President and managing-director Frederico Bendinelli is also believed to be facing legal action if Passarini decides to pursue the matter further.